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Re: [opensuse-project] Draft of Desktop Policy
  • From: Matt Gray <mjg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2009 10:24:47 +0100
  • Message-id: <4A794FDF.9010305@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Kevin "Yeaux" Dupuy wrote:
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On Aug 4, 2009, at 3:05 PM, "Joe Harmon" <jharmon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Why not let the user make that choice? Why do need to suggest
anything? Is the fear that one desktop will overtake another by not
suggesting a desktop? I just don't understand why we are suggesting
anything. If we truly support both desktops then either install them
both and give the user a better option for seeing the difference
between the two or let the user make the choice.

It has been said in earlier threads that the reason for doing this is
so that we have more of a user experience like Ubuntu. But Ubuntu has
one desktop that they officially support. We don't. That isn't a bad
thing, I think it is a good thing. But if we want less screens or
choices for a new user, I don't see how suggesting one desktop over
an equally supported desktop is an answer to that problem. We are
essentially saying that the selected desktop is the suggested or
preferred desktop.


This is my entire arguement in one email. Either go all the way, dump
one desktop (and cut out half of our contributors and users in hopes
of gaining more in the end) or don't suggest anything and make it
easier for a user to decide (like the Desktop Tour I'm now planning to
start work on later this month).
Kevin "Yeaux" Dupuy
openSUSE Project Member
Why be so dramatic about it?

If the consensus is that a default DE is desirable, and that does appear
to be the consensus, then it makes sense to pre-select the most popular
DE as the default.

There is no need for extravagant talk of ripping Gnome out of opensuse,
that is hyperbole.

Opensuse is committed to equal support for both desktops.
Novell is committed to Gnome for its commercial suse products.
Everyone recognises that opensuse benefits from being an technically
excellent multi-desktop distro.

None of the above statements invalidates the idea of pre-selecting a DE
if opensuse concludes that pre-selecting a DE will benefit the distro.

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