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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
  • From: Alberto Passalacqua <alberto.passalacqua@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2009 11:05:20 -0500
  • Message-id: <1249401920.8141.15.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
This is *wrong* today. It is pushing it too much and it is another step
back. We spent a lot of time to have a good and well supported GNOME in
openSUSE, the GNOME team actually worked more than others to obtain this
during the years, and actually *build a community around gnome* which
was very limited before and is *very active* today.

The level of support you are talking about refers to IRC probably, where
there still is some people that recommends KDE to GNOME users because
they have no clue on how to help them. So, instead of giving a correct
reply, they simply blame GNOME and its team. It is annoying and unfair,
and clearly shows that it is not really KDE to be considered "inferior"
or to suffer from a "privilege" given to GNOME.
This attitude and these statements made and are still making more damage
to the community that the lack of default. We *surely* lost users who
wanted to use GNOME for this kind of behaviours. All of you still failed
to bring evidences of the loss in KDE users related to the lack of a

Anyway, good luck in pushing this. It is yet another mistake.

Il giorno mar, 04/08/2009 alle 10.20 +0200, Martin Schlander ha scritto:

And let me add, you do not just select the software to install - you also
select what level of community support you're going to have available to you
in terms of online help, packages, howtos etc.

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