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Re: [opensuse-project] Draft of Desktop Policy
  • From: Matt Gray <mjg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2009 14:58:25 +0100
  • Message-id: <4A783E81.1090808@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Matt Gray wrote:
Martin Schlander wrote:

Tirsdag den 4. august 2009 14:16:02 skrev Andreas Jaeger:

Desktop Policy

0. The following text uses GNOME and KDE in alphabetical order. These
rules apply to development of openSUSE only, not for any other
Novell products.

1. Both GNOME and KDE are first class desktops in openSUSE: neither is
technically superior to the other. openSUSE should be known as the
distribution with the best GNOME desktop and the best KDE desktop!

2. We make it easy to choose between these two desktops during
installation, install both of them - or install others as well.

3. On the relevant screen during installation the most popular desktop
is preselected, the desktops are listed in alphabetical order.

4. This screen will explain that both GNOME and KDE are first class
desktops and the default is based on popularity.

5. Let's sit together at the openSUSE conference and decide what both
GNOME and KDE beeing first-class desktops signifies and how all
desktop development teams can work together.

Looks pretty good to me. Have two comments.

* I think that the most popular desktop should also be listed first. Or we
risk continuing to send a mixed and confusing message to new users and other

* What would the text in the desktop selection screen say? A summary of the

Speaking as a SUSE user since v9.1 came out in the year dot, i have to
agree that historically
suse has been a KDE distro, and this has been maintained in spite of
Novell's attempt to wean
users away from KDE.

To the people who claim that the user survey is outdated, and that
decisions should await more
recent results i would say the following:
1) we have new results (the openfate request), and they mirror the
survey results from last year
2) delaying a decision for no good reason comes across as very Yes Minister

On the issue of Gnome support in opensuse:
It absolutely should be maintained at its current excellent quality, and
it will continue to be so given
that Novell have chosen it for the commercial SLES product

On the issue of default DE selection:
Having seen people slip away to ubuntu because of the perception of
user-friendliness, i support
a default desktop choice, even if this perception of user-friendliness
is as facile as being able to tell
someone; "yeah, just press next five times and it's all installed for
you". It matters.

On the issue of which DE to default to:
Nearly 70% of opensuse users are KDE users, in spite of Novell attempts
to make the distro visibly
equal AND the flakiness of kde4 up until now.

On the issue of how to present this default DE selection:
Part of opensuse's appeal that it is a solid choice of distro for the
consumer regardless of whether
they wish to use Gnome or KDE, that should be maintained. Therefore i
suggest the following -
[*] KDE
[ ] Gnome
[ ] Other

On why this would be appreciated by the KDE community:
Opensuse has always been populated by KDE users, therefore many were
dismayed by various
attempts (or the appearance thereof) by Novell to relegate KDE to a
secondary status. This
perception has persisted, and i am willing to bet (in the absence of
hard figures) that opensuse has lost
users who swapped to a distro that they considered had better support
for their DE of choice.

On why this shouldn't matter to the Gnome community:
Opensuse has a stated policy of equal support for both DE's
Novell are committed to Gnome for their commercial suse product
Gnome users are a minority at and a default install choice is a
desirable feature

There you have it, my thoughts on this openfate debate.

apologies, new to this.

message ended up in the wrong thread.

but the broadly agreeing with Andreas anyway.
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