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Re: [opensuse-project] Default desktop: the Belgian solution
  • From: "Kevin \"Yeaux\" Dupuy" <kevin.dupuy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 19:24:23 -0500
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On Aug 3, 2009, at 1:01 PM, Lubos Lunak <l.lunak@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The problem is there is a perception that
openSUSE does not treat KDE even at least equally as GNOME, because GNOME is
artificially elevated to they-are-both-default status with KDE, even though
this is nowhere else done in openSUSE. The official message to KDE "you are
equally welcome in openSUSE" conflicts with openSUSE granting special rights
to KDE's competing project that are not granted to any other project included
in openSUSE. Trying to alter the UI that demonstrates the problem with this
UI non-solution may be instead interpreted as an attempt at ridiculing the
actual problem.

Now this statement purplexes me, and perhaps I'm reading into this wrong, and if I am please correct me, but are you saying that some members of the KDE camp feel that because they are not the default, preselected desktop of openSUSE, and instead we give the user the option of two equally supported desktops at installation time (or download time with the Live edition), that we're giving the GNOME camp "special treatment" because we have them at the same level?

That sounds like the popular crowd at a high school being bitter because a band geek won homecoming queen (note to GNOME Team: sorry for comparing y'all to band geeks. I'll sneak in a cheap dig at the KDE team, don't worry ;-) ).

To me, it brings a whole arguement about usability, support, and whats in the best interest of a new user down to petty politics. I actually agree: openSUSE should choose and focus their efforts on one desktop, one UI.

But since we've gone down this road of two UIs, we've got to stick with it until a better solution comes along (or one desktop defeats another in usability and innovation, which is unlikely to happen). In the meantime, the best solution is to have a fair treatment of both desktops, and don't select one by default.

I agree, though, that we should make the decision process easier: in fact, one thing I'm gonna begin working on in a few weeks (and with some help, will have done for the 11.2 launch) is a quick tour of each desktop, written by the respective teams, to introduce new openSUSE users to our KDE and GNOME, which should help new users.

And on your last point: you mentioned that the Project grants special rights to the GNOME Team that no other project has in openSUSE. What special rights? I work pretty closely with the GNOME team, and I don't know what those rights are.
Kevin "Yeaux" Dupuy
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