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[opensuse-project] Re: openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
  • From: Charles Kerr <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 17:19:51 -0500
  • Message-id: <440ae7850908031519j109c8181ifa81cc961c59d374@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Lubos Lunak wrote:

On Monday 03 of August 2009, Jean Cayron wrote:

Hope that it can help positively to put an end to this never
ending discussion.

I'm afraid it cannot. Assuming you are serious about this, then this
does not actually change almost anything. It mitigates a small part
of the problem but it creates new ones (would there be somebody who
would not laugh at us for this?) and it doesn't solve the primary problem.

It was a mistake to present the UI itself as a problem, as that is just a
demonstration of the underlying problem. Please see the "my KDE summary"
mail from me, 3rd paragraph especially. The problem is there is a
perception that openSUSE does not treat KDE even at least equally as GNOME,
because GNOME is artificially elevated to they-are-both-default status
with KDE, even though this is nowhere else done in openSUSE.
The official message to KDE "you are equally welcome in openSUSE" conflicts
with openSUSE granting special rights to KDE's competing project that are
not granted to any other project included in openSUSE.

This is my first post to -project, so before I dive in, a quick introduction:
I wrote and maintain the Qt /and/ GTK+ versions of Transmission, and switch
Dekstops every few weeks. I sympathise with both sides -- as both a user and
a developer -- and have been reading this thread with interest.

I think two unchecked radiobuttons are both fair, defensible ideas.
I'm sure everyone can see why GNOME people would prefer GNOME to go first.
I'm sure everyone can see why KDE people would prefer KDE to go first.
Jean's Belgian solution seems like a great compromise suggestion to me.
Some GNOME users' (such as Jim's) concession saying "put KDE at the top"
seems like an earnest attempt to keep the peace, and to keep balance.

Lubos and a couple of others keep slapping down those suggestions based
on reasoning that seems shaky to me. The argument is that users don't
have to choose bash vs zsh, or emacs vs vim, and so on; therefore,
making users choose between KDE and GNOME is inherently biased to GNOME.
But that's apples and oranges -- choosing a Desktop also chooses a raft
of default applications, such as (say) KTorrent or Monsoon. That's a *huge*
choice compared to a shell or MUA. They're not even in the same ballpark.

would there be somebody who would not laugh at us for this?

I woudn't.
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