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[opensuse-project] Re: openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
  • From: Jim Henderson <hendersj@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 20:15:17 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <h54s4l$vmh$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sun, 02 Aug 2009 21:50:38 +0200, Martin Schlander wrote:

Søndag den 2. august 2009 21:33:57 skrev Jim Henderson:
I again have to state that I don't understand what it is that this
vocal minority of KDE users is so afraid of when it comes to having
GNOME available as a selection or installed alongside KDE.

You keep saying that, even though it's not the case. Noone has ever
suggested not having GNOME available.

The root cause of this discussion goes back, from what I recall, to the
alphabetization of the DE environment selection menu in the installer.
That's when this whole kerfuffle started, because the KDE users felt that
it was inappropriate to list GNOME first in the alphabetized list.

What's being discussed is moving KDE on top and preselecting the
radiobutton - GNOME wouldn't be hidden and it wouldn't require a single
additional click to select a GNOME desktop compared to the status quo -
so what you're saying is completely wrong.

A small change that - as has been argued over and over - would bring a
ton of benefits for the project - with very minor damage to the GNOME
sub-community as the only downside.

If it's minor damage to the GNOME sub-community, then leaving it as is is
very minor damage to the KDE sub-community. What I (and others) have
proposed by letting both be selected by default makes the "damage" (or,
as I prefer it, "perceived damage" because honestly, I think that the
amount of *actual* damage is much less than those who want this change
would have us believe) would be even less damaging to the community
because it says "we value choice, and BOTH are valid choices".

And we may be vocal - but we're just saying what everybody's thinking -
including a great deal of users who have left.

Again, I'm part of "everybody" and I'm not thinking that, so the above
statement is categorically false. ;)

You don't want to know my opinion of people who would leave a major
project like openSUSE over such a trivial part of the overall system.

If the installer changes to KDE as a default selection, I won't stop
using openSUSE, but I will be disappointed that - if that decision is
made - that the project's guiding principle that says we value choice was
determined to be not as important as making a vocal minority of KDE users

But in the final analysis, if GNOME stays on the menu (which I know
nobody has suggested it not stay), then this affects me about 5 times,
once for each system upgrade. I'm just floored that there are members of
the KDE community who are so wound up over something that is so
inherently trivial.


Jim Henderson
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