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[opensuse-project] Re: openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
  • From: Jim Henderson <hendersj@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 20:03:31 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <h54rej$vmh$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sun, 02 Aug 2009 21:05:17 +0200, Martin Schlander wrote:

Instead it'd make matters much worse than the status quo and creates a
ton of new problems - bloat, waste of disk space,

For those who don't know which they'll prefer, it's not a waste of disk
space as it provides the option for them to try both. When they decide
(if they decide) which they prefer, they can remove the one they don't
want to use.

menu clutter,

As both KDE and GNOME have distinctly separate menus, I don't see this as
an issue.

alienating KDE *and* GNOME fanboys,

Equal alienation, then - that's not a bad thing, as both are still on a
level footing. But even then, this suggested "alienation" of KDE *and*
GNOME fanboys is only going to happen with those who believe one way or
the other that only one option should exist - a minority of both
categories of user. To those who recognize that OSS is all about
*choices*, providing the options exemplify what OSS is all about.

what to (auto)login to on first

This is the only point of the list that I can agree with would be an
issue. But as long as there are choices to be made (whether it be KDE/
GNOME, vi/emacs, gedit/kate, etc), you're going to have this type of an

etc. It's a horrible idea.

I disagree that it's a "horrible idea".

Let me put this question to those who want a KDE default selection: Is
there ANY room for a compromise, or is it "our way or the highway"?

I ask this because from my own participation in the discussion, I'm not
seeing a lot of willingness to even *consider* a compromise that's
anything less than "KDE selected as the default".

When considering the technical merits of the two environments, they are
roughly equivalent, so the selection being made (by the end user doing
the installation) is a personal selection. I've seen parts of the
discussion that say "well, we pre-select a filesystem", but that is a
technical decision, not a question of personal preferences. There are
rarely people new to Linux who know (or even care) about the differences
between the different filesystems.

But forcing one's personal *preference* on those new to using the product
when the decision is a personalized decision is not, IMO, a good idea.

After all, one of the guiding principles states that "we value choice. We
accept and respect that there are different ways to work, different
preferences for applications, environments, tools or interfaces and
different goals of users and contributors. We value diversity and
pluralism as a way of addressing the needs of a broad variety of people."

How does providing a default choice of KDE (or GNOME/XFCE/whatever for
that matter) fulfill this guiding principle when a desktop environment
decision is a strictly *personal* choice?

Jim Henderson
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