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Re: [opensuse-project] openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
  • From: alpha096@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2009 17:49:43 +1000
  • Message-id: <4A754517.6050502@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Yes it was a long Post but very much about which desktop and more so why
History cannot be ignored. Many say that the KDE should be the default
and others Gnome and much discussion is politicised. Writing about
software, especially within the framework of KDE OR Gnome is totally
political in its expectations. Why did people only buy Microsoft
products and just about all other vendors collapse in the late 80s-90s.

Microsoft does not enjoy its position because of technical excellence,
far from it, they got there because they built a desktop that was 100%
usable. In essence we are motivated to choose either KDE or Gnome based
on usability. I don't here anyone saying we must only present a KDE
desktop because of its technical excellence. The thought of software
winning popularity has nothing to do with technical Excellence, as if
that was the case, we would not all be using MS.

The argument raging on preference of desktop, KDE OR Gnome, is all about
who feels one desktop is more usable than the other...or am I going too

We love things that we can use and understand the easiest, and a lot of
that is feel and look stuff. We are highly motivated with a passionate
leaning toward one or the other because of how we see each desktop
behaves when we use it.

We either love the way it works and behaves and looks or we hate it
because it cannot do things almost everyone takes for granted.
The point in History have shown how important look and feel and
usability is. Back in the mid 90's
people said, they hate DOS and wont use it the only use Windows. That
single issue centred on usability wrote history for decades to come.

When Windows 95 came out I recall one CEO of a very large company
saying, "When I see staff at an Airport using Windows, then I'll put
in through my entire business Interests"

We either love KDE and want to make it the standard desktop or hate is
because of the ease of use and understanding of the user.
Is that what we are not discussing?

This conflict is nothing more than another DOS v Windows fight, with
slightly different players;
but in essence we evoke the same passion with either KDE or Gnome.

Gen Y is going to want to use the most easy to use or the most usable
desktop and love it, because it presents ever task as being simple, easy
and they can click on it....

I am sure you can see the parallels in the posting above now but perhaps
I jumped or digressed without explanation, in the expectation the reader
understood the linkage.

jdd (kim2) wrote:
alpha096@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :

Generation Y will NOT use anything but a GUI Interface,

very long mail, but sorry to say not convincing. First you drop Apple
Mc Intosh interface importance, then everybody will use GUI when fiber
links, 100 Mb symetrical will be for anybody, but this is not to be
seen before at least 10 years.

And this have nothing to do with defaulting to Kde.

To go back to the subject, that is making install easier to newcommer,
may be we could add an option "All default install" with *no* other

We just have to define such defaults: no user passwd, direct login,
kde with windows like skin, sudo without pass for the first user...

We could name it "install like Windows". But do we want to go so far?
Do we want to support users wanting to do so?

I doubt it


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