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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Code names
Il giorno lun, 04/05/2009 alle 22.54 +0000, Jim Henderson ha scritto:

I think we can agree that if we were to target names after vegetarian
painters, that might seem innocuous enough, but (and realising I'm
invoking Godwin's law here), I think we could all agree that naming a
release "Hitler" would be just a bit of a problem for much the same

I don't think anybody disagrees on this. But I think the difference
between the names is very clear too.

At this point avoid any kind of codename, because it is really easy to
be against someone sensitivity, even with colours or animals. But maybe
people will be less vocal about those.

I don't think colours or animals would be a problem, personally. It is
possible to go overboard with Political Correctness, but that doesn't
mean that it's appropriate (in my view) to completely disregard opinions
and viewpoints that may be valid, either and just say "deal with it."

Well, certain colours has or had a political meaning. Some has a ratial
connotation in a certain context. Just think to the very elementary
example of black and red. The fact that we feel them far from us doesn't
really mean someone could not be "offended".

Opinions has to be heard, taken into account, but not necessarily

Also, talking more in general, and not only on the specific case, which
IMHO is not important at all, maybe one day openSUSE will stop changing
ideas because of a few users comments, and will keep going on following
its way. ;-)

I hope that never happens - the day it does is the day the distro ceases
to be a community-driven distro.

No, that would be the day the distro will show a plan, in the common
interest, and not exposed to the opinions of a few (I'm not simply
referring to the codenames topic, which is irrelevant). The difference
sounds really evident.

But as I often point out to customers (and friends) at work, just because
a decision doesn't go your way doesn't mean it wasn't listened to,
either. Just because people express opinions doesn't mean giving in to
every little demand for a change, either. But it does mean considering
the point of view and making an informed decision - and being willing to
say "gee, we didn't consider that and it was a mistake to move forward"
when a mistake has been made.

Right. We are essentially saying the same thing. ;-)

Not saying a mistake has been made, just providing an alternate point of

Well, you are somewhat saying that. Maybe the 11.2 codename wasn't the
most pondered choice of this world, surely it's not the most important
choice people at openSUSE have to take for the distribution, but someone
on forums stretched it far too much, considering himself "offended" and
thinking the choice was done "on purpose". That's not expressing an


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