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Re: [opensuse-project] Code names
Il giorno lun, 04/05/2009 alle 20.48 +0200, Per Jessen ha scritto:
jdd wrote:

Patrick Shanahan a écrit :

Are there that many of us actively using computers/linux/opensuse to
be offended by associations with ww2 ???

with nazism and Hitler, sure. Nietzsche is, unfortunatey, associated
with this

Really? Not to me he isn't. But then today, 4 May, has a special
meaning to me, well, to my parents and to my grandparents and to many
people in Denmark. It doesn't mean it can't be given a new meaning to
others. Please, let's avoid the idiotic PC.

I agree with you. It seems hard for many to separate what in this case
the philosopher said, and what was read in his work by certain political

Fichte for the chronicles is taught in literature and philosophy classes
as one of the founder of the Idealism, for his ideas on
self-consciousness as requirement to achieve freedom. Something that is
ages far from what they're discussing about on forums, and something
that would perfectly fit for an openSUSE codename, I think.


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