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Re: [opensuse-project] Code names

I actually liked the choice of philosophers.

Anyway, as someone said, it is just a name. I would say all the
discussion tried to "stretch the choice a little too far".


Il giorno lun, 04/05/2009 alle 13.03 +0200, Olaf Kirch ha scritto:
On Monday 04 May 2009 11:13:44 Stephan Kulow wrote
I actually love the philosopher's line as it gives openSUSE some kind of
touch, but we'd still need some numbers associated with it. And as I watched

Well, philosophers are in the habit of talking a lot, and a century or two
the road, some of their utterings will easily look odd or even downright
Granted, Fichte is probably a fairly disgusting specimen. But he's not alone.
Nietzsche got a bit carried away while waxing about the √úbermensch, which made
it all too easy for the national socialists to claim him for their purposes.
Aristotle found
slavery "natural". Voltaire was anti-semitic in many of his works. Kant
wasn't above
voicing his anti-jewish prejudices.

The only way to stay away from such snafus is to stop using famous people
for the code names, and go with animals or plants or city names or chemical
elements - basically anything that does *not* have the capacity to come up
with weird ideas and communicate them :-)

Neo didn't bring down the Matrix. SOA did.

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