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[opensuse-project] My ideas for gsoc on opensuse
  • From: Ricardo Cornet <rcornet@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 23:06:06 -0400
  • Message-id: <49D2DA1E.4060801@xxxxxxxxx>
I have interest on some of the ideas for gsoc and also have many ideas
of my own, some more out of reality than others.

I'd like to hear your opinion:

Porting openSUSE to either MIPS/ARM platform: I like the
challenge/adventure of other architectures and their possibilities but
some people just don't seem to think they are worth the work. I while
ago I was talking on the opensuse-project with a guy that pretty much
assured the future endurance of the x86 over anything else. I think that
now there is an oportunity now for this for the new netbooks. My only
real problem is that I don't have hardware to experiment with, just qemu.

Distributed package and updates system: I distributed bittorrent-alike
system for distributing regular updates and packages would increase the
download speed and reduce the network workload on central nodes, and
give certain degree of resilience of the package/update system against
server downtime. The concept itself is not new at all, but never has
been used for active package and updates install over the net (as far as
I know at least).

Boot time optimization: probably the most innocent and error prone of
all :-). Is important on laptops/notebooks/netbooks and for regular
people who is hasty to go nowhere fast. The boundary between
luxury/vanity and real world need is difficult for this one.

Minimalistic User Friendly Yast Interface/Plug&Play Background
Facilities: A simple user interface common tasks oriented, Homer Simpson
friendly user interface, with a background demon service that
automatically runs when new hardware is connected so the install of
modules and binary blobs is pretty much automatic and the common user is
relieved from thinking too much. Linux distributions in general have
suffered the stigma of "user unfriedliness". A perception that anything
just requires too much time and pain to get to work that is not worth
the trouble. The non-technical user need certain hand holding and
emotional reassurance that things are going to work or a explicit
explanation of why it does not work. Not some cryptic message
Also application sofware needed to work with the hardware should be
installed if possible/needed. Well this is a less geeky idea, but a
needed one as well as potentially controversial.

I have other ideas, but lets see this ones for the moment.


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