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Re: [opensuse-project] Sample article about new user experience.
  • From: "Carlos E. R." <carlos.e.r@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 19:25:17 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <alpine.LSU.2.00.0903291913050.5673@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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On Sunday, 2009-03-29 at 09:08 -0500, Rajko M. wrote:

On Sunday 29 March 2009 08:08:19 am Carlos E. R. wrote:
On Sunday, 2009-03-29 at 11:16 +0200, Jan Ritzerfeld wrote:
If it is not safe, you will not use SMB!

Can you convince all windows users not to use windows,
because it is not safe?
When you do, then I also will not use samba >:-P

I meant that you do not want to use SMB in a non-trusted network.

And I that it is not optional.


in short, you are not average user. You can select higher security, you know
how and if not you will learn. You are old class of Linux users that have
strong Do It Yourself attitude.

Some times. Others I like things to simply work, not interested in all the details ;-)

Joe the Plumber, can't. When he comes home in the evening he wants to turn on
device and have it working. He throws away stuff that doesn't work and has no
warranty, goes out and buys new. Different model if brand created clearly
distinguishable properties, or different brand if model doesn't fulfill
expectations, like it advertises multimedia while there is none in the box,
or connectivity, while you got to go trough hops to get it working.

That's what I mean.

Joe will, if he has a network, have need to use samba, and will have some kind of router connecting to internet with limited security - which means that at least the suse machines should have the firewall up by default, but that machine have the firewall easily configured to use with samba.

My firewall is configured to permit samba only for certain IPs - but
as you say, I'm perhaps not the average user :-)

I tried the first time to use YaST to configure Samba: it failed. I had to ask on list, and then use another configuration.

People here are very spoiled consumers. If you say something is replacement
for Windows, but without problems that they have, it better be that way, or
you lost customer for good.


- -- Cheers,
Carlos E. R.

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