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Re: [opensuse-project] [openFATE] What should we do for the next step ?

why this limitation on new proposals?

[quote from]
Can I enter new feature requests? New feature requests can be entered by
openSUSE members only. Please see for
more information on openSUSE membership. You can, however, still edit
existing features, e.g. add a comment and so on.

Users used to be able to submit enhancement requests with a simple
bugzilla account. The membership requirement seems to add another layer
of selection, which seems unnecessary to me.


Il giorno lun, 23/03/2009 alle 15.34 +0100, Michael Loeffler ha scritto:
On Sunday 22 March 2009, Rémy Marquis wrote:
On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 4:09 AM, Thomas Schmidt <tschmidt@xxxxxxx>
Rajko M. schrieb:
On Thursday 19 March 2009 12:17:27 am Satoru Matsumoto wrote:

During the meeting, I felt we need to do a brainstorming about
what we should and can do for openFATE and make things much
clear. I think I'm not the only one who don't clearly
understand what should be done for now.

I guess, give ideas:
- how to organize screening,
- how to improve interface


The other problem that I hit some days ago was that I couldn't
convince search to give me feature that I was looking at. None
of words in title or description gave that feature as result.

The quicksearch field searches only in open features by default.


Thomas Schmidt (tschmidt [at]
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Thx to murphy's law, my internet connexion died the day just before
the meeting. Is there any transcript of the meeting available ? I
wasn't able to find any on the wiki.
In short:
- We had some discussion about the tasks of the feature team. And I
edited our page,
- we discussed about the defintion of a feature and how to get it into
openFate. I got the AI to check Fedora's and Ubuntu guide lines. As
above I edited the wiki
Note: after short discussion with Digitaltomm we retired the
Documentation in openFate itself and link now to a.m. docu page and
FAQ page, So everybody can edit
the documentation where necessary.
- wrt Tags we agreed that the screening team should browse features
and add tags where necessary
- we agreed on having by weekly meetings, always the weeks without
project meeting, so next meeting will be on April 1st


Thx in advance,


Michael Löffler, Product Management
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