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[opensuse-project] [openFATE] What should we do for the next step ?
  • From: Satoru Matsumoto <helios_reds@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 14:17:27 +0900
  • Message-id: <49C1D567.2070205@xxxxxxx>
@openFATE Screening Team

We had first team meeting yesterday and I'm very glad the openFATE
Screening Team has been launched.

Since I am not native English speaker nor good at typing and couldn't
say much on the meeting, I'd like to post my opinions to this list.

First of all, how about put the tag [openFATE] -- acronym [OF] or [OFS]
would be good enough ;-) -- in front of the subject, like I did for this
post, when the issue is specialized for openFATE Screening Team, such as
an announcement of the next team meeting, etc. This helps preventing
unnecessary confusions and listmates can easily know whether the issue
is related to whole project or specialized for openFATE Screening Team.

[What should we do for the next step ?]

During the meeting, I felt we need to do a brainstorming about what we
should and can do for openFATE and make things much clear. I think I'm
not the only one who don't clearly understand what should be done for now.

For example, we talked about setting tags to each features. Do we need
some typical keywords for tags, such as installation, update, kernel,
etc. ? Team members can freely and randomly set tags when they have time ?

At the beginning of the meeting, Bryen asked: Are we still only allowing
openSUSE members to enter requests?

I'm also wondering why we have to restrict adding new features only to
Members. Just because lack of human resources ? As long as I can
understand, Members are just kind of contributers who approved by
Board, but not delegates in any sense, because they are *not cosen* by
other contributers and users. There are many contributers who are *not
yet* Members. If they aren't given chances to add new features, IMHO,
openFATE is half-openFATE. I'd like to advocate, even mere users should
be able to add new features, because that is the first step for them to
become contributers. Of cource I don't mean to blame project on that.
What I want to say is: if there are some reasons why we have to
restrict, we should provide convincing explanations.

Finally, should we discuss such things on this list or prepare the Wiki
page for that ?


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