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Re: [opensuse-project] Organization of SW releases
  • From: Cristian Rodriguez <crrodriguez@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2009 12:27:12 -0300
  • Message-id: <498EF9D0.4020408@xxxxxxx>
Rob OpenSuSE escribió:
2009/2/7 Cristian Rodriguez <crrodriguez@xxxxxxx>:
Rob OpenSuSE escribió:

There just seems to be a general FUD about change. So for example
"zypper dup" was there, but in 11.1 we don't commit solid behind it,
what you mean.. ?

The user base, don't think "zypper dup" is a supported upgrade method
from 11.0 to 11.1, nor and there is a fate entry on supporting a
"Debian like dist-upgradee".

It can be supported, but when using a limited set of known repositories,

The fate entry on the subject.

FATE cannot contain everything that has to be done or cleaned up before
this to work, you can write a book of the size of "Don Quixote" on the
subject, for the user is just zypper dup, internally for developers is a
great deal of work, you have to deal with among other things

- API issues

- ABI issues ( tricky as hell, hint hint)

- Correct a huge set of packaging problems

- track backward incompatible configuration changes, without destroying
user's configuration

- Debug and fix all the bugs introduced by this changes (and goto 1)

So far, no one has done it right...;-)

There's a big danger, that openSUSE will look staler and staler,
I think we are far from stall...

After 2 intervening Ubuntu & Fedora releases 11.1 will look stale.

why it will look stale ? we are already making a new product , it takes
time and considerable effort !

rough edges lead to unfavourable threads on forum and mixed reviews,
and those show in Google search for a very long time.

so what ? you want a perfect OS ?.. Im sorry to bring you down to earth,
there is no such thing and will most likely never be, people will always
whine and complain anyway is very easy to do so when you are not
one doing the work...

and also planning to
re-issue ISO's would hopefully help those who found 11.1 wouldn't boot
on their machines.

So you want people to waste the already limited resources available to
respin a release just due to "being unable to boot on certain specific
machines" ?? Im sorry but that does not qualify as a good reason for me.

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