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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 11.2 schedule
  • From: "Rob OpenSuSE" <rob.opensuse.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 21:45:28 +0000
  • Message-id: <ce9d8ed60812151345s16b67df0o6951222f58e5e177@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2008/12/15 jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>:
Alberto Passalacqua a écrit :

what will you do if kde reshedule?

If KDE reschedules, then 4.2 + some 'back ported' features sounds good
to me; with 3.5.10 as an option like in 11.1. KDE has been at a
difficult point in the software life cycle, whist I actually enjoyed
basic use of 11.1's KDE4, I suspect that KDE 3.5.10 will remain a
popular choice. The 4.2 release has been getting better reviews, and
I noticed OpenSUSE had included some of the 'new' features in 4.1.3.
4.3 is going to be the crunch release for me, it either makes it by
then, or breaks for me (XFCE or LXDE seem like the most promising
replacements). So I hope it makes sense, remains fast, becomes very
solid and avoids emasculation at hands of "Usability Experts".

there will *always* be a *breaking new* great application needing to wait
some more weeks...

Yes, whilst the Build service and 1 Click install do really change the
landscape, from the old days of waiting on box sets.

However OpenSUSE needs to maintain interest, and not everyone has a
fast net connection; so something to get reviewed, appear on Magazine
covers, for cheap disk emporiums to send out, and to put in the retail
box set makes sense.

May be Build service labels like "X::Stable", "X::Latest" could be
leveraged in the post-install process, presenting a selection of
unstable, latest & greatest software for those with decent net
connections and tolerance for frequent updates?
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