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Re: [opensuse-project] End of life - what does it mean ?
  • From: James Tremblay <fxrsliberty@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 09:23:01 -0400
  • Message-id: <1208524981.12708.25.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

So you want all openSUSE users to upgrade every 8 months?
That is impossible. 2 years is acceptable and sometimes even that is too

No, What I am saying is let the enthusiast upgrade every 8 months, it's
what we do anyway. Joe consumer doesn't even like to upgrade every 10
years. It was MS that brought out Vista not consumer demand. XP sp3
could have improved security just as much as Vista "uhm" does.

Another use of e.g. 10.1 is as a additional repo for SLES10, because you
don't get all the software you need on a Server from the SLES, SLED and
SLE SDK repos.

I'm not advocating the removal of the buildservice tree or the
application repository. just let the download tree for the OS and the
security\patch updates die when the next interim is available.

You said x.1 should be x.0+SP. But it is hopefully not.
A SP for a SLE product does not change the kernel and probably glibc.
A newer openSUSE version always had newer Kernel, glibc, gcc, X, KDE, ...

SP's for SLE have little if nothing to do with the openSUSE interim
releases. The interim\new releases from any distro really are not much
more than "look what we learned last year" updates from the entire Linux

A possible way to go is enlarging the time between releases even more. We
already moved from 6 months to 8 months. Maybe even more.

I disagree, extending the release schedule actually retards bug fixing
because a smaller group of users (the internal team) is working on them.
The team should merely be relieved of the burden of applying fixes to
older versions of the kernel\glibc\X\KDE\Gnome that came with the
previous interim. Because as you point out, the interim may have a
different kernel and a security fix for a x.1 that may need to be
applied to an x.0 may need a completely different solution to solve the
same issue. This wastes valuable development cycles.
James Tremblay
aka, SLEducator
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Newmarket NH 03857
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