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[opensuse-project] Status Action Items
  • From: Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 22:55:01 +0100
  • Message-id: <200711232255.02020@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

here's the status of Action Items after this week's meeting.

New Action Items:

#343444 - bugzilla wizard to qualify bugreports

There are several not-so-good bugreports (something like "my computer
doesn't work" - OK, this is exaggerated ;-) and the developers have
to "waste" their time with asking for details and logs.

The idea is to create a wizard (like does) for people new to
bugreporting that guides them through the process, searches for
duplicates, maybe it could even force to attach y2logs when reporting
YaST bugs etc.

Klaas got the AI to check if and how this is possible.

Note that this wizard would be an alternative to the current bug
reporting page, not a replacement.

Work in progress:

#173 961 - openSUSE merchandising

rlihm and coolo set up a shop @spreadshirt and are in the process of
getting approval on the design by Novell's corporate marketing (ETA

Coolo ordered the first test shirts.

For those who want to see the beta ;-) shop:
(URL might change)

#223290 - better wishlist handling using FATE

klaas finally did a short presentation on fate in the wiki:

For comparison: the wiki way from Francis

AI Coolo to start a discussion about what to use.

#328611 - Try out wishlist handling / feature tracking in the wiki

Basically a duplicate of #223290 (better wishlist handling). Some
feedback from the GNOME team how it worked out would be interesting.

See also for pros and cons
of different methods.

#238350 - unmaintained wikis (is, es, vi)

Only vi is in bad shape and there is a banner on the frontpage.

is and es are maintained again.

#238355 - status of cn wiki

Notlocalhorst is working on it, should be ready next week

#267437 - community comitee, mail addresses etc.

As you (should) know, the community comitee (aka board) was announced.
Therefore the summary of this AI changed to

#267437 - mail addresses

Mail addresses are still not available

#339796 - graphical headline on

rlihm is working on it (english is done, other languages will follow the
next days)

AIs without news:

#229213 - clarify bugzilla usage for packages in build service
(ETA: November)
AdrianS didn't attend the meeting.

#164761 - built service trust/rating system
Blocked (no time and resources ETA 2008)

#293726 - Creation of Babel wiki
Blocked (No time)

Things that were done:

# - add something about sustainability to the translation howto

While discussing about unmaintained wikis and how to avoid it, it was
proposed to add a note that wiki translation is not a one-time job etc.
to the translation howto.

Martin did this instantly, therefore no bugzilla :-)

#328613 - Prepare explanation of Fate features and processses in the

Klaas finally did a short presentation on fate in the wiki - thanks!

#328622 - translations is now translated into lots of languages. Thanks to
everybody who helped with this!

(If your language is missing, feel free to reopen the AI and attach it.
Or contact AdrianS for a SVN account ;-)


Christian Boltz
Lass es mich so sagen: GUIs? Wir haben keine. Davon aber zwei.
[Ratti in suse-linux]
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