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Re: [opensuse-project] KDE-LIVE-CD, very bad impressions
  • From: Maciej Pilichowski <macias@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 21:56:41 +0100
  • Message-id: <200711072156.41160.macias@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

10.3 had a lot of changes - correct and important changes imo. I
think this means we're now back on the right path, and hopefully
that means there can be more focus on stabilizing, maturing,
polishing and optimizing, and less on making huge revolutionary
changes to core stuff (like media layout and package management.)

Doing all stuff at once can be a huge success if you are lucky (but it
looks more like an experiment), or can leave bad impression about
stability, reliability issues (and this happens more often).

I can speak only for myself of course -- but after 10.2->10.3 I am
afraid of upgrading again like I did before. I need another computer
to do it, test and see it for myself, and then decide. And I don't
work for NASA or anything like that, just desktop system. (Survey
could be here handy -- if users are new/upgrade and if they are happy
and about what, and if they are unhappy and about what).

Just thinking out loud -- maybe it would be better to focus on core
system (thing to be defined) and support it, but support it from A
do Z, instead of providing thousands of packages (compare it to
Apple, they took a bit of BSD, but made well use of it). Then it
would be possible to provide better compatibility, hardware support,
and incremental upgrades (and realease would mean just: snapshot of
last month set of packages).

You can say I am complaining (but I hope I am not), but even if -- it
is the _fact_ that upgrades takes more and more time to fix things,
while upgrade should be transparent.

With incremental upgrade you don't have element of surprise ("wow,
what a cool system, million bugs fixed") but on the other hand you
don't have element of disappointment ("gee, nothing works") -- but is
good for system reliability, you introduce fewer new features, you
wait for responses, fix bugs, again introduce new features, and so
on. It is easier to track those, maintain project, etc.

Ok, too long mail already :-) -- I opt for small moves, developers and
user would be more in control of the changes.

have a nice day, bye
Maciej Pilichowski
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