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Re: [opensuse-project] package wishlists
  • From: James Tremblay <jamesat@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 23:32:44 -0500
  • Message-id: <1166502764.4048.192.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tue, 2006-12-19 at 01:43 +0000, Craig Millar wrote:
> With regards to package wishlists on the website[1]. There are several
> requests for packages that are already available through the build service /
if the package is already on, can we put links to them in
an "Education" update channel in the future? LRUPp seems to have linked
the moodle packages from his /home:lrupp folder to education:server. if
a package belongs in education:server folder, could you, would you link
it please? same for education:desktop. please.

I'd like to turn those two "channels" into the most trusted education
software sites in the world!

> packman / guru. Is it preferable to link to these available packages
> (bearing
> in mind that build service packages especially may not be production ready),
why not ??? new tag line for the download service at opensuse,
"Certified for OpenSUSE!" Does the build service repackage finished
RPM's? if so I'd like to see all usable packages that are legally
available as OSS brought into the BS for official product compatibility.
one stop shop to build a school. (network)

> either with or without a disclaimer that the packages therein may not be of
> the standard expected, or to remove them as they are available elsewhere (esp
> in a more popular source, such as pm or guru)?
shouldn't "guru" want to mirror us rather than us mirror him? frees up
his disk space for other projects?
openSUSE needs to become the default repo for all OpenSUSE users, this
will help marketing and usability perceptions. The packages we can't
offer should be the domain of other repo's
i.e joe smith gives his child his old laptop , it runs w2k but it
doesn't have support. joe smith says "hey, OpenSUSE will run on this why
buy XP", downloads, installs , updates opensuse and says hey I'd like
(insert RPM) package. he goes to the software updater, looks for the
package and it's there. he sees an add for "long term support
subscriptions" upgrades to SLED and is "happy as a clam" if it's not,
then he goes elsewhere to find his package.
> On occasion, links have been supplied to, for eg, packman resources, only for
> the user to complain that it's not part of the official openSUSE builds and
> therefore less desirable[2].
my point exactly

> Personally I tend to trust packman (and indeed guru and several build
> service) builds having used them for ages. My question is more about the
> intent of these pages. Is it to provide any link (no matter how reliable) to
> SUSE rpms, or is it to provide links to better known (or only official)
> builds?
I trust them too, but let the more "experimental" users find the other

> I think the essential issue is that of relationship of trust built up between
> a (group of) user(s) and a particular packager.
everyone opensuse
> Perhaps a revamp of the
> wishlist pages is in order, something along the lines of wishlist items that
> are (or perhaps in factory), officially fulfilled,

do we need more specifics in writing regarding what can be wished for?

> and a list of repos that
> are available (unofficially, and stated as such).
I don't think we can officially or unofficially point to repo's that
offer "illegal" packages that infringe pattens or copyrights

Craig, As much as I would like to take the easy route, I believe we owe
it to OpenSUSE to bring everything SUSE under it's roof. if the BS
doesn't currently have the tools for us to bring in existing RPM's, it
should. I would like to be able to find an RPM elsewhere and bring it to
the BS and make it "certified" and available according to category and
repackaged for all current versions of OpenSUSE.

Please, if I have misinterpreted any of your positions, let me know.

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