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Re: [suse-programming-e] KDevelop. Opinions? Experience?
  • From: dries <dries@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 09:48:34 -0800
  • Message-id: <200402260948.34475.dries@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Steven T. Hatton wrote :

> Has anybody worked with KDevelop? IMO this is one of the most important
> projects in the Linux Community, and especially in the KDE environment.
> If you've ever worked with JBuilder, you will know what IDE features can
> add to the development environment. There is NOTHING comperable for C++
> that I know of on Linux.
> I like JBuilder, and I like doing business with Borland, so I feel kind of
> bad holding them up as competition, but JBuilder is mark to meet, IMO.

I've been working a bit with KDevelop. I had no previous experience with this
kind of 'draw and fill in' kind of programming tools. I have had some trouble
attaching functionality to UI-elements. This mainly because there are not
many good examples that start from an "i've never used a tool like this"
perspective. On the other hand once i got started i must admit it is good to
use. The main problem i've encountered is that the few tutorials out there
are not really explaining why they do what they do. And that there are 2
kinds of tutorials, the ones that just get you started and the ones that
startout with multipledocument stuff and other rather complex stuff.

That's why i (still) allways use the 'KDE-mini' type of application, this is
because i wan't some gui stuff done in a simple manner.

Things i still don't understand well :

1) What is the 'real approved' method to attach my QT-designer gui to my
program (now i just inherit it to the gui to the application like this :

DevEnv::DevEnv(QWidget *parent, const char *name) : MainForm(parent, name)

2) How can i change the complete gui in a window by clicking a button of the
current gui in that window ? (functionality i want for some reason (don't ask
me why)).

But in general i would say KDevelop is a powerfull application that (in my
opinion) could be even more powerfull (and attractive to new users) if more
easy to follow tutorials at more levels of experience were added.

Grtz Dries

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