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[opensuse-ppc] making 13.1 ppc32 image bootable on PowerMac

the 13.1 NET image for ppc32 doesn't boot on PowerMac; it's because the
boot folder isn't "blessed". You can use mkisofs with the option
-hfs-bless /suseboot to fix it (and -hfs needs to be added if it's not
there), and the -map option with a small file with HFS type/creator
(see attachment, which worked for me)

Then the folder will be recognized as bootable, and the boot script
named "os-chooser" will be recognized and executed.

#e x c t cM
.gz Raw 'ddsk' 'DDim' "Floppy or ramdisk image"
.b Raw 'UNIX' 'tbxi' "Bootstrap"
os-chooser Raw 'UNIX' 'tbxi' "Bootstrap"
yaboot Raw 'UNIX' 'boot' "Bootstrap"
vmlinux Raw 'UNIX' 'boot' "Bootstrap"
linux32 Raw 'UNIX' 'boot' "Bootstrap"
linux64 Raw 'UNIX' 'boot' "Bootstrap"
.conf Raw 'UNIX' 'boot' "Bootstrap"
.cnf Raw 'UNIX' 'boot' "Bootstrap"
.msg Raw 'UNIX' 'boot' "Bootstrap"
* Raw '????' '????' "Unknown"
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