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Re: [opensuse-ppc] Re: [opensuse] Unable to install 11.0 on my Genesi Pegasos (inst32 stops booting)
  • From: Peter Czanik <pczanik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 13:05:46 +0200
  • Message-id: <4860D50A.5070306@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Lenz Grimmer írta:
Ugh, I was really hoping that there is a simpler procedure than that...
Me too, but see below...

Since I already have a running (Debian) system, I wonder if I could bootstrap
the installation from there somehow?
Olaf? Or, if that helps, I can upload a 11.0 base system, but that takes days to upload using ADSL...

> If you run into any problems, please let me know!

Thanks! It seems like PPC does not really have a high priority for openSUSE
anymore, if things have been "badly broken" in 10.3 already and it now even
doesn't boot anymore. Or is it only that bad on the Pegasos?
"badly broken" referred to 32bit PPC support in general, not to Pegasos. As far as I could understand from various bugzilla remarks, only 64bit IBM servers are officially supported by SuSE, the rest is just a hobby project for Olaf & Co. But this part was fixed for 11.0.
Pegasos is another story: it was discontinued by Genesi for almost two years now (some vital parts were not available in a RoHS compliant form), so no wonder, that openSUSE is slowly fading away. A successor is EFIKA ( ), which is a lightweight machine, and pretty well supported now by 11.0. And there is a Freescale MPC8610 based board planned ( ), which is a lot faster than Pegasos and uses less than 2/3 of the electricity, but this is still a work in progress, something for 11.1, just as some MPC5121 based boards. See and One of these is on the post for me :-)
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