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Re: [suse-ppc] KPowersave Error
  • From: "Luis Parras" <luis.parras@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 10:40:45 +0200
  • Message-id: <61c2c22f0610240140s698c96e2kd21109583fce44be@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I also had the same problem in my ibook. Now I don't have Suse
installed on it so I cannot check how I solved it. First, see if your
rcpowersaved exists and if it is enabled in your default runlevel:

$ls /etc/init.d/|grep rcpowersaved
# This check if you have the init script rcpowersaved

$s /etc/init.d/rc.5/|grep rcpowersaved
#This check if you have it in the default runlevel.

If tou dont have the init script in your default runlevel do (as root):
$insserv -d rcpowersaved

If you have rcpowersave in your runlevel it can be a problem of the
odering enabling services. There are some services that must be
enabled before others start. Check it.

Hope it works. Bye

2006/10/24, sibil sibily <seebiloo@xxxxxxxxx>:
I have suse 10.0 in my system, When i boot the system and come to suse desktop, open an error page that is:
"powersave daemon isnot running.starting it improve performance: /usr/sbin/rcpowersaved start"
Would you please tell me how can i solve this problem that don't come this error page in next bootup?

Thanks for your answer,

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