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RE: [suse-ppc] No thermal fan support on iMac G5
  • From: LarryStotler@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Larry S. Stotler)
  • Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 09:40:42 -0400
  • Message-id: <39BE0317.05A964B5.263E63EF@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Aymeric GILLAIZEAU <macfreesoft@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>When i boot on the install CD of SuSE 10 b4, there is no Thermal fan
>support for the iMac G5 ...
>It begins to run at the fastest speed ....

This was covered in the release notes. They have not added this yet.

>I would like to install SuSE 10 b4 on an external Firewire drive but it
fails. I have loaded the firewire components, but still failing ...
>Yast recognized my hardrive, I could select my partition and format it,
but it
>failed to install when installation process began.

The release notes also stated that YaST is not currently able to partition drives on the PPC yet. You have to partition them on either an Intel machine or a system that already has a Linux OS on it like Yellow Dog.

As for the colors, I had a simillar problem on my system. When I used SaX2's default config, it was ok.

Remember, this is pre-release software, so some stuff doesn't work yet.

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