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Alain Barthélemy

02 Apr OpenOffice641c does not exist

Andre Belem

25 Apr New installation on RS6k/G40

Benjamin Bacon

22 Apr Darwin Quicktime Server

Christian Schmidt

11 Apr Re: closing afpovertcp port


29 Apr Suse PPC 8.0

Dave Gomez

26 Apr Re: [suse-ppc] Switch over?

George Simpson

26 Apr Switch over?

Janus Sandsgaard

11 Apr Re: [suse-ppc] TiBook and Beamer

Marianne Manz

15 Apr missing

Michael Engel

12 Apr [suse-ppc] bmac gives packet loss

Olivier Reisch

15 Apr Re: [suse-ppc] Java and konqueror

Peter Akre

10 Apr Imac FTP Install

peter brechbuehl

30 Apr firewire at apple cube


20 Apr beige G3 only 800x600?
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