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Alain Barthélemy

11 Feb Aviplay?
18 Feb xine or aviplay on SuSEPPC?

Bill Heese

17 Feb 8500 with an accelerator card

Chris Alden

03 Feb disk image

Frank Weis

04 Feb Cirrus Logic on PowerStack

George Simpson

04 Feb Re: [suse-ppc] disk image

Jean-Francois Donati

07 Feb memory/swap usage with suse7.3

John Pagonis

04 Feb Re: [suse-ppc] disk image

Jonathon Wallen

20 Feb failed dependencies nightmare

Jutta Buschbom

28 Feb PPP: Authentication failure

Kai-Gunnar Kersten

07 Feb need help to unsubscribe

Marcus Calahan

02 Feb G3 and Suse 7.1 or 7.3

Olivier Reisch

11 Feb Re: [suse-ppc] Aviplay?

Peter Poeml

17 Feb Re: [suse-ppc] Losing time

Roger Chrisman

18 Feb Dvorak keyboard
19 Feb bad s p a c i n g in KDE Console

Stephan Ruehle

01 Feb suseppc7.3 @ umaxs900

Thomas Ruschival

05 Feb SCSI-controller
10 Feb SCSI-controller

Uwe Hees

25 Feb Freeswan
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