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Alain Barthelemy

11 Dec Imap mail client for SuSE-ppc-7.1

Alfred Mutscheller

10 Dec Setting up serial Printer in SuSE 7.3

allan levy

20 Dec Microsoft Project

Bill Heese

16 Dec Problem with NFS

Brett Schwarz

11 Dec CD-ROM Icon [OT]

Christoph Schaefer

28 Dec Re: [suse-ppc] kernel upgrade

George Simpson

05 Dec Questions

Kaspar Pflugshaupt

05 Dec Re: [suse-ppc] Questions

Matthias Geissb├╝hler

27 Dec Studio Display 15'' and Linux Installation


10 Dec will keine mails mehr

Schmitt, Wolfgang (BKA-IT22)

03 Dec SuSE 7.3 with new iBook: experience

Thomas Ruschival

05 Dec Sound for PowerMac B&W
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