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Alain Barthelemy

23 Aug New install

Andreas Berg

26 Aug New G4 with Cinema-display

Aurélien Sergent

16 Aug problem with 2.4
16 Aug usb modem on ppoa
23 Aug sound on G3 whith linux-benh


06 Aug Gnome update?

Brett Schwarz

14 Aug CD-ROM on PM 7200

Francisco Jesus

06 Aug unsubscribe suse-ppc

François G . Meyer

20 Aug SuSE PPC 7.1 on Powebook G4 Titanium ?

Janus Sandsgaard

06 Aug Suse 7.1 PPC and Ximian Gnome

Jerry Ciring

15 Aug Two problems with KDE

John A Ure

09 Aug Unwanted attachments


26 Aug Boot Help Needed

Marco Hoffmann

17 Aug KDevelop Compiler Options

Michael Andersson

21 Aug RPM --rebuild samba-2.2.0a-0.src.rpm

Paul Helvig

17 Aug [suse-ppc] Fibre Channel

Peter Stummer

30 Aug no sound

Philipp Kemper

29 Aug [suse-ppc] Linuxppc7.1: SMP

Philipp Leusmann

13 Aug 7.1 on PM7600 with G3-upgrade?

Stefan Eilers

20 Aug The same happens on my system....

Thomas Hoffmann

16 Aug Linux auf RS/6000 (43P140)


22 Aug help with ppp!!!
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