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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Status update /usr/etc move


On Wed, Sep 11, Eric Schirra wrote:

I have read the wiki and have a question.
You write a administrator must change the config under /etc

But you write in example:

# Migration to /usr/etc.
for i in securetty pam.d/other pam.d/common-account pam.d/common-auth
pam.d/common-password pam.d/common-session ; do
test -f /etc/${i}.rpmsave && mv -v /etc/${i}.rpmsave /etc/${i} ||:

When i'm not stupid this would override the changes from administrator in

Error or my mistake?

What happens if I migrate to the new layout is:

First update:

1. In %pre we make sure there are no obsolete *.rpmsave files
2. We update the RPM. This will delete the files in /etc/pam.d, if they
are modified rpm will create *.rpmsave files. After this step, the
new config is in /usr/etc/pam.d and /etc/pam.d contains an *.rpmsave
file, but no /etc/pam.d/config file!
3. If there is a /etc/pam.d/config.rpmsave file, we rename that to
/etc/pam.d/config, to get the same behavior as before the update

Now we make the second update:
1. %pre cannot find an /etc/pam.d/*.rpmsave file
2. We update the RPM content. No /etc/pam.d/*.rpmsave can be created,
as there was no file of this RPM marked as %config anymore.
3. Since there cannot be a *.rpmsave file, the %posttrans cannot
rename/overwrite anything.

I hope this explains why this should work. Modulo any other hacks
packages have in %pre/%post, in this case, the suggestion how to handle
this needs adjustements for this package.


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