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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Building a source package
  • From: Axel Braun <axel.braun@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 06 May 2019 08:54:26 +0200
  • Message-id: <2235747.oGlTCvDUcT@t520.axxite.internal>
Hi Stasiek,

Am Samstag, 4. Mai 2019, 16:04:08 CEST schrieb Stasiek Michalski:

I want to ask for your recommendations to build a sources package,
resp. to
include the sources in the development package.

First of all, is there a standard path where it should go? like
Second, the idea to create the source package is 'just' to copy the
source to
the target folder,

cp -r build/* /usr/src/<package>/.

and then install it in the %files section. Any better proposal?

I feel like there is not enough context here, in case of C/C++ headers,
is a standard directory for those, if the sources are for something
else, most
languages have standard directories for this kind of files. If it's
custom thing altogether, in case of gfxboot themes used for building
theme, the files are packaged in -devel, then copied over into another
from a %{_datadir}/gfxboot directory during build. Source packages
however are
automatically generated from sources put into obs, which I guess
wouldn't be
ideal for this ;)

Yes, the source package is not sufficient. I have solved it in that way that I
expand the sources to /usr/src/%{name} and include them in the %{name}-devel
package. There it is picked up from the plugin package that asks for the


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