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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Packagers - please check your "Url:"s
On 3/22/19 11:20 AM, Simon Lees wrote:
Unfortunately that's not how the openSUSE project works, we welcome
contributions from anyone who feels interested enough in creating them, if
the contributions break something or don't meet standards maintainers are
more then welcome to reject the changes and give feedback as to what changes
need to be made in order for the change to be acceptable. In openSUSE
creating a submit request is a perfectly valid form of "talking to us"

And you think that the default answer should be "If no one is saying something,
I just
accept it and don't care if things break"?

I disagree with this stance. Blindly following policies is always stupid. It is
in Debian and it is stupid in openSUSE.

Yep and in this case the d:l:p maintainers should have given you reasonable
time to add a comment in the SR explaining why you couldn't accept those
changes at the moment.

I am the project maintainer. It's just the other guy that accepted the changes
without talking back to me.

Please don't automatically assume incompetence. And I'm certainly not
overwhelmed by the
load, I am doing way more than just maintaining these packages.

I'm not assuming incompetence, but you were complaining about the amount of
emails and not being able to respond to them which tends to suggest a problem
with workload.But I kinda understand this, I feel like I have a billion mail
filters so that I only read the obs emails I care about and not the 10,000 a
month that I don't.

The amount of mails is also pouring in because of tons of micro changes, each
of them generating a mail. And I was in an exceptional situation with moving
apartments and being on vacation and then also SUSE switching my email server
to a new infrastructure cutting me off from any communication.

Again, what is the point of updating just two out of 112 packages of an SDK
where the packages need to be in sync for the SDK to work? This is just a means
of annoying people.

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