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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Packagers - please check your "Url:"s

On 22/03/2019 05:57, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 3/21/19 8:01 PM, Stefan Seyfried wrote:
Why, there not "your" packages once they leave your home repo, if
someone feels like going to the effort of making the distro better

...then he can, in the future, do all the work on these packages.

I have to admit that this is an issue that is annoying me in openSUSE
as well.

In any other open source project I have worked so far, it's common that
you wait for feedback from the actual maintainer of a package or a piece
of code before moving forward with changes. Not in openSUSE as there are
multiple project maintainers which can accept submit requests and if
you're lucky, the original maintainer is currently unreachable (vacation etc)
and you can sneak in some changes without approval from the maintainer.

The problem here is that it's not always obvious at first glance which
things need to be taken into consideration when making changes to a

For example, I am maintaining the Python Azure SDK for the Public Cloud
Team at SUSE. For the second time now, someone has sent in requests to
update just two out of over 100 packages that make up the Python Azure
SDK. This broke the installation of the Azure SDK in Factory as the update
of all these 100+ needs to be coordinated and there was also recently a
disruptive upstream change to the namespace packages which needed some
additional work which delayed my update. Since the Public Cloud Team is
using packages from Factory for certain tasks, the broken Azure SDK is now
causing headache for us.

I missed the two submit request mails as there are currently dozens of
these mails per day for the devel:languages:python project. I was also quite
busy moving apartments during that week so I could not read mail all the
time, I would have rejected those requests. Now they were accepted by another
d:l:p maintainer and eventually successfully accepted into Factory despite
making the Python Azure SDK uninstallable. I'm also surprised that these changes
were not blocked by the Factory maintainers despite the fact they introduced

I don't know what I can do to prevent this in the future, but I really wish
the communication would work better and people wouldn't just randomly push
submit requests to packages without having at least talked to the maintainer
of the packages in question first. Good communication is a key point when
collaborating in open source projects.

I understand and know that no one contributing changes wants to do any harm,
but if you are updating random packages that aren't yours without understanding
the peculiarities concerning certain packages, you are making the lives of
maintainers harder, not easier.

This is probably something that can be improved but would be better discussed on the opensuse-factory mailing list, given that a large percentage of the community isn't here.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

Emergency Update Team
SUSE Linux Adelaide Australia, UTC+10:30
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