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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Packagers breaking repositories ...
On Tue, 19 Mar 2019 at 11:49, Mathias Homann
<Mathias.Homann@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well then you should stick to the standard repo's unless you want to
"play around" and have stuff occasionally break. Sometimes not having
the latest everything is the sacrifice you need to make to have
something you never have to play with.

there is that... but on the other hand, on the KDE bugtracker you get "use the
latest version, your issue is fixed by now" a lot...

Indeed, it's a common occurrence from many, if not most upstreams these days
So when you have KDE upstream saying that, and Qt, and systemd, and
kernel, and mesa, and udev, and, and, some point only logical
conclusion is to give up the notion that 'stable' (in terms of time)
releases are actually 'stable' (in terms of reliability).

The reality is that software is dependant on other software.
And modern software moves quickly.
And it's the latest software the works best in the eyes of the people
creating it.

The chance of getting more than a handful of upstreams to agree on a
release cadence is smaller a snowballs chance in hell.

Then the question becomes how do you ship all these different bits of
software at a suitable pace to minimise the "your issue is fixed
already" factor, while making sure all the pieces are built
consistently, tested together, and work.

Luckily, this is an area which openSUSE has led for well over a
decade. With OBS, openQA and more we have the tools. With our
experience and policies we have the techniques.

And all of this has come together to be made manifest in openSUSE
Tumbleweed and it's derivatives.

Leap is for people who don't need to keep up with that fast moving
world, and that's fine. The world isn't black and white - individuals
can do whatever they want on their individual machines, but they
should realise they're taking their fate in their own hands and adding
risk and complexity out of scope of the thoughts of the Project as a

In my view the most sensible answer if you want to keep up with the
faster world we live in is through a rolling release like Tumbleweed.
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