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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Packagers breaking repositories ...
On Tue, 19 Mar 2019 at 10:32, Mathias Homann
<Mathias.Homann@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You should not expect anything in a devel Project to always work,
period. That does not negate the fact that if people want to mess
around building their own distribution by taking experimental stuff on
their stable system, they can do so - that is what we have documented
on the wiki. But be under no illusion that when you do that, you're
building a system that is going to be less tested, less reviewed, and
logic dictates, less reliable than Tumbleweed.

Fully agree here - but like I already said several times: the SDB article
about Plasma clearly advises to use KDE:Frameworks5 which to me means it
*should* be stable enough for end users.

The SDB Article does no such thing. There is no advice to use
KDE:Frameworks5, just documentation on how people COULD if they wanted
to. They should be well aware of the less supported nature of what
they're doing.

"This page lists and describes the available repositories containing
KDE software and provides links. Most of them are maintained and
supported by the openSUSE KDE Community team". Key phrases include
"Most of them" - implying not everything is maintained nor supported.
Also "the openSUSE KDE Community team" are NOT "the openSUSE Project"
- the distinction should be clear, the Project as a whole tests more,
reviews more, and supports more than any one team of community

"If you want test and/or use the latest release, you can use this
repo. " - This is not saying people SHOULD use it, this is saying
people CAN use it.

"Note for openSUSE Leap users: Leap ships with a Qt LTS release, which
is not recent enough for the newest Plasma. So to use KDE:Frameworks5,
KDE:Qt5 is required. Some applications from third-party repos might
not be installable as they require the specific version of Qt shipped
with Leap. "

The above notes should make it clear should be no expectation that the
latest KDE Frameworks, Plasma, or Applications only work on Leap with
significant effort, and some applications will not work.

My concern about TW is mainly based on what I see on the factory mailinglist

If you were subscribed to the opensuse-support@ mailinglist you would
think that every openSUSE release is absolutely broken 100% of the

And if you subscribe to the Ubuntu, Fedora, or Arch mailinglists, you
would think likewise.

the any development mailinglist is always going to have examples of
when stuff goes wrong. Making any firm conclusion from such
discussions is akin to choosing a doctor based on what you heard
people talking about in the waiting room.

are you really telling me that the whole distribution is always being
thoroughly tested between two snapshots? And not just with "smoke tests"?

...even when the two snapshots are only a day apart?

OK that i wanna know more about. how are we doing that? Can I come see?

Alberto already answered this pretty well, so I can cheekily just say 'Yes'

There are even times we don't ship, not because we find any issues,
but because we developed the next snapshot before we finished testing
the last one.

We don't mess around with Tumbleweed - it only ships when we're
confident it works.
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