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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Packagers breaking repositories ...
Am Dienstag, 19. März 2019, 10:12:57 CET schrieb Richard Brown:
On Tue, 19 Mar 2019 at 10:06, Mathias Homann

<Mathias.Homann@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: points users towards
KDE:Frameworks5, and according to that SDB page the *unstable* plasma is
in KDE:Unstable:*

To me that means that packagers should not break KDE:Frameworks5.
KDE:Applications and KDE:Extras are a different matter, of course.

Everything in any devel project (which all of the KDE: projects are)
should be considered as Experimental

then the wiki should not point at those repos.

Anything in a devel project which is also called Unstable, should be
considered even more Experimental

That's why I'm not using anything from *:Unstable.

You should not expect anything in a devel Project to always work,
period. That does not negate the fact that if people want to mess
around building their own distribution by taking experimental stuff on
their stable system, they can do so - that is what we have documented
on the wiki. But be under no illusion that when you do that, you're
building a system that is going to be less tested, less reviewed, and
logic dictates, less reliable than Tumbleweed.

Fully agree here - but like I already said several times: the SDB article
about Plasma clearly advises to use KDE:Frameworks5 which to me means it
*should* be stable enough for end users.

Tumbleweed on the other hand, as an official openSUSE: OBS project,
has layers of code review (at least 4 eyes/2 persons), additional
legal review, and levels of automated auditing and testing unrivalled
by any other rolling release out there.

While that might be true, there is (at least to my knowledge) no
official NVIDIA rpm for Tumbleweed, which is my personal dealbreaker.


ok you got me there. I seriously did not know that. I'll give TW a serious try
next time I reinstall a box here.

It is always provided on a "it should always work" basis.
It is not experimental.

It is not the problem of the project or the KDE packagers if you
refuse to accept this and instead use their development repositories
to install software in a less optimal arrangement than the one they
expend a great deal more effort on ensuring in openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Let me point it out again: I am *not* installing from KDE:Unstable:*.
I am installing KDE/Plasma from the officially suggested repositories as
noted on the SDB page about Plasma5.

Let me point it out again - you're installing less tested, less
reviewed, packages from an experimental repository who's primary
function is preparing software for use in Tumbleweed.

If you always expect it to work on Leap, or any other distribution of
your choice, you need the sort of help I cant provide via a

My concern about TW is mainly based on what I see on the factory mailinglist -
are you really telling me that the whole distribution is always being
thoroughly tested between two snapshots? And not just with "smoke tests"?

...even when the two snapshots are only a day apart?

OK that i wanna know more about. how are we doing that? Can I come see?


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