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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Packagers breaking repositories ...
On Tue, 19 Mar 2019 at 07:11, Mathias Homann
<Mathias.Homann@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Am Dienstag, 19. März 2019, 02:15:48 CET schrieb Simon Lees:
On 17/03/2019 02:02, Mathias Homann wrote:
So it seems that right now someone is in the process of doing some
upgrade work in KDE:Qt. Whoever it is has turned publishing off, which
usually is a good idea...

...but in this case it leads to hundreds of packages in KDE:Framework,
KDE:Extras, and KDE:Applications being rebuilt, and being published, and
because publishing of KDE:Qt is turned off, being unable to be installed
due to missing dependencies. The really bad part is, that *some*
packages from those newly built ones *will* be installed, and some
others will be downgraded to what's in the base distribution, leaving
people with a general mish mash of librariy versions and potentially
seriously broken desktops.

So ... can someone **please** turn publishing in KDE:Qt back on?

And for next time: whoever disables publishing in KDE:Qt for upgrading
it, disable publishing (and building) in KDE:Frameworks5,
KDE:Applications, and KDE:Extra.

On the other hand this is why as a project we encourage people to use
tumbleweed and not development repositories because we don't guarantee
that the later will always be in a working state.

On the third hand, all the stuff I read on the opensuse lists about tumbleweed
and its "quirks" is why I'm *not* using tumbleweed.

- nvidia and tumbleweed kernels
- huge numbers of weird dependencies all of a sudden

to name the last two that would have rendered both my computers dead in the
water for me.

Personally I consider TUMBLEWEED to be the "try if this works" development

You seem to be suggesting that Tumbleweed is somehow less supported or
reliable than fricking devel repositories

This is downright...well, the only words I have to describe my
feelings on your point of view are not suitable for this mailinglist

Devel Projects, such as everything in the KDE: repo, are less tested,
less reviewed (including no legal review), and most certainly, without
any shadow of a doubt, provided on a "try if it works" basis.
There is no formal effort by the openSUSE Project to guarantee
anything in any OBS repo outside of those beginning with "openSUSE:"
is in an acceptable state.
That is why they are referred to on as
"Experimental packages". No one should have any expectation that
something marked as "experimental" will always work, nor always be

Tumbleweed on the other hand, as an official openSUSE: OBS project,
has layers of code review (at least 4 eyes/2 persons), additional
legal review, and levels of automated auditing and testing unrivalled
by any other rolling release out there.
It is always provided on a "it should always work" basis.
It is not experimental.

It is not the problem of the project or the KDE packagers if you
refuse to accept this and instead use their development repositories
to install software in a less optimal arrangement than the one they
expend a great deal more effort on ensuring in openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Sure, there is no problem to inform them when those repositories are
not functioning, but your tone, attitude, and expectations are way out
of line.
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