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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Packagers breaking repositories ...
Am Dienstag, 19. März 2019, 02:15:48 CET schrieb Simon Lees:
On 17/03/2019 02:02, Mathias Homann wrote:
So it seems that right now someone is in the process of doing some
upgrade work in KDE:Qt. Whoever it is has turned publishing off, which
usually is a good idea...

...but in this case it leads to hundreds of packages in KDE:Framework,
KDE:Extras, and KDE:Applications being rebuilt, and being published, and
because publishing of KDE:Qt is turned off, being unable to be installed
due to missing dependencies. The really bad part is, that *some*
packages from those newly built ones *will* be installed, and some
others will be downgraded to what's in the base distribution, leaving
people with a general mish mash of librariy versions and potentially
seriously broken desktops.

So ... can someone **please** turn publishing in KDE:Qt back on?

And for next time: whoever disables publishing in KDE:Qt for upgrading
it, disable publishing (and building) in KDE:Frameworks5,
KDE:Applications, and KDE:Extra.

On the other hand this is why as a project we encourage people to use
tumbleweed and not development repositories because we don't guarantee
that the later will always be in a working state.

On the third hand, all the stuff I read on the opensuse lists about tumbleweed
and its "quirks" is why I'm *not* using tumbleweed.

- nvidia and tumbleweed kernels
- huge numbers of weird dependencies all of a sudden

to name the last two that would have rendered both my computers dead in the
water for me.

Personally I consider TUMBLEWEED to be the "try if this works" development

Also: the openSUSE wiki *and* the KDE website both tell people to use the
KDE:* repositories to have the latest official releases.


Mathias Homann
Senior Systems Engineer, IT Consultant. IT Trainer
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