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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Non-building packages in Science and Education to be removed

On Mon, 10 Dec 2018 10:27:09 -0500 Todd Rme wrote:
Currently there are a large number of unmaintained packages that fail
to build in the Science and Education repositories. They haven't been
updated in years and fail to build on at least Tumbleweed, and in many
cases other releases as well.

There was recently a request to remove these. I will deny the
requests in order to give people a chance to fix the packages. Anyone
interested in any of these packages please fix them in the next 4
weeks. Any packages that are still not working on Monday, January 7
will be removed. Here is a list of failing packages:

Can you please explain why you want to delete packages that:
* are already build disabled - and should not harm anything?
* have no other "upstream" than the Education repository?
* are not maintained by you?

Is this kind of an ego trip that you need to do now, when everybody
else wants to enjoy his vacation?

I'm still the official maintainer of many of the packages you mentioned
in the Education repository, and I explained[1] nearly a year ago that I
have not enough time left to carry about those packages at the moment,
but I'm happy to help someone else to take over and bring them into a
working state again.

For those packages were I know that they are not needed at the moment
(like the meta packages used in the past to build the li-f-e media), I
"disabled build" since a long time. For others, it might just be time
to fix them (as you have enough time to care about the list you
provided, I think this is what you want, right?). But this needs time.

So what's your motivation behind your Email ?
Blaming others that have no time to fix their packages? - Nice idea,
but I don't know what the destructive step of deleting/destroying
others work is good for. So please explain...

Or do you want to get kicked out of the Education repository because of
your destructive ideas?

with kind regards,

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