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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Following upstream git repo with gnulib: "./bootstrap && ./configure && make" without network?
On Fri, 2018-11-30 at 23:17 +0100, Bernhard Voelker wrote:
Hi *,

I'm trying to follow an upstream GNU package's Git repo which has a gnulib
submodule, and PO files from ''.


Do I do it right?

Long story:
In this case, I need to create a distribution tarball without gnulib
and PO from network. Furthermore, "obs_scm" service doesn't create
a full Git clone; so in my example - GNU hello, for simplicity - I needed
to add a hack to be able to create the manpage.

The idea is:

a) let _service get the package from the remote Git repo.
(unfortunately, this yields the working tree without the '.git/' history).

b) let _service download the PO files --> "SourceXY".

c) GNU hello specific: manpage creating is usually only done in
maintainer environment, i.e., with a '.git/' directory. Add a
little patch to work around it.

This seems like a bogus check in the upstreamcode: man page should be
created if asked for and not in place. the presence of .git should not

d) in '%prep'', copy the PO files into the build tree.

e) in '%build', create the LINGUAS file.

f) in %build:
f.1) create the intermediate distribution tarball using:
./bootstrap ... && ./configure && make all dist

creating the dist tarball should not be nescesasry and can be skipped.
You can make/make install directly out of the git checkout tree

f.2) create the final build from the above distribution tarball:
tar -xf ... && ./configure && make

As above, this can be skipped

Does anybody else do something like that?

Have a look for example at:


we get the git checkout using _service and build from it (it has no
submodules, but submodules are supported by OBS)

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