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Re: [opensuse-packaging] How to deal with divergent SLE/Leap changelog?

On Mon, 3 Sep 2018, Petr Tesarik wrote:

You still can mention them in the factory changes. Sometimes I bring over
the .changes entry verbatim from the respective SLE package into the
factory one (just the entry, not the patches themself of course),
sometimes I create a new .changes entry ala: "- also fixes bnc#....".

That's the approach that failed here:

Dominique Leuenberger
Request got declined
about 4 hours ago

auto-submitted, and obviously not correct: changelog talks of a lot of
syncup with SLE and new pacthes - but those patches do not show up

Perhaps because the submit was done by a non-human Dominique was more
cautious? Or because there was just some mis-reading in your changelog:

+- Merge SLE12 changelog.
+- Patches that were never actually applied to Factory:
+ * makedumpfile-x86_64-xen-vtop.patch (included in 1.6.2)
+ * makedumpfile-Fix-elf_info-file_size-if-segment-excluded.patch
+ (included in 1.6.2)

It would be more obvious that the non-existing patches are non-existing
because they are already included in the factory state if you've said
something along the lines of "Patches from SLE12 that are obsolete in this
version: <list>". Sure your "(included in") say this already, but
misreadings happen ...

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