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Re: [opensuse-packaging] No Leap repos anymore in devel:languages:python?

On 27/08/2018 23:15, Eric Schirra wrote:
Am Montag, 27. August 2018, 13:26:09 CEST schrieb Simon Lees:
On Monday, 27 August 2018 20:18:29 ACST, Sebastian wrote:
On 2018-08-25 07:59, Simon Lees wrote:
On Friday, 24 August 2018 20:11:04 ACST, Sebastian wrote: ...

No, I mean the packages in devel:languages:python:

From the package description:
Backporting of packages against older distribution releases should not
be happening in this project, only build verification. If a package is
needed on any of the older openSUSE products then maintenance update is
to be created. Alternatively for SLE products submission by an
interested party should be done by openSUSE:Backports project.
If you just need the newest packages, please consider using
devel:languages:python:backports instead.

Why maintenance update?
I only would have a working version in devel.
So it can put in newer Leap version.
Or if somebody would have newest package in Leap.
In my book, before the change, it was simpler, quicker and need many less
than now.
It was much, much better than now.

As far as I can see all the packages in d:l:p that are also in
tumbleweed should be in devel:languages:python:backports so I guess I
should ask what your trying to achieve.
This is not right.
Only packages which start with python are in backports.
Every other packages (e.g. certbot) must separate insert in the sync script.
I think this is not a good idea.
And you find nobody who do that.
You have infinite discussion. :-(

There are less then 20 packages in d:l:p and almost all of them
including things like certbot are utilities rather then python libraries
and would probably be better in a different devel repo.

Other example are python packages which are needed for other packages in
Also infinite discussion with no result.
You see no more if this package (e.g. calibre) is build for 42.3, 15.0 and

I've personally tried to avoid doing this in the past but if you really
need to, what I tend to do and what is probably better is to link the
packages you need into the other devel projects, then only enable it to
build for the distro's you need.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

Emergency Update Team
SUSE Linux Adelaide Australia, UTC+10:30
GPG Fingerprint: 5B87 DB9D 88DC F606 E489 CEC5 0922 C246 02F0 014B

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