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Re: [opensuse-packaging] RPM Boolean Dependencies
Sean Marlow píše v Po 06. 08. 2018 v 22:15 +0000:
Hi Packagers,

Sorry in advance for crossposting (opensuse-buildservice) as I'm not
sure the best list to query.

Is there support for Boolean Dependencies [1] in the pipeline for
openSUSE build service (osc)?

It would be nice for example with packages that depend on Django
has two possible packages python-Django and python-Django1.


Requires: (python-Django1 >= 1.11.0 or python-Django >= 2.0.0)

A quick test results in failure. It seems the format_spec_file script
[2] chokes on boolean dependencies and splits them all up.

Requires: (python-Django1 >= 1.11.0
Requires: python-Django >= 2.0.0)
Requires: or


The logic in format_spec_file is just not smart enough to detect
boolean deps.

You have 2 options, either remove format_spec_file to not be run on the
package (--noservice) or try to use spec-cleaner in its place. Both
ways won't screw up your package.

Spec-cleaner even tests for this [1].



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