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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Proper way to set shebangs in singlespecs

On 23.12.2017 00:45, Luciano Santos wrote:
I read the python singlespec on the wiki but some parts felt kind of obscure
to me. If it had either
all the macros for singlespec purposes, or at least all the most useful ones
with their use cases
description I could've made the pain go away with my own meds.

there's a full list on the github page, which is linked from the wiki:
i'll make the link more prominent as soon as the wiki unlocks

The problem is that there isn't actually a macro for "true if package is
built for python2/3". This
needs to be fixed. Now you can use "%if 0%{?have_python2}". It's not exactly
the right thing but it

%python_expand sed -i '$python for you'
%{buildroot}%{_datadir}/doc/packages/$python-gobject .....

Now, that's such an interesting piece of information. The have_python macro
and this use of
%python_expand with some other information on the wiki were the missing
puzzle pieces that I needed.
Thank you Jan and Sebastian for your time.

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