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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Converting a package to singlespec: two questions
On 12/11/2017 03:51 AM, Sebastian wrote:
On 12/11/2017 01:36 AM, Lee Duncan wrote:
1. The package is called "targetcli-fb". Since this does not follow the
"pyton-PACKAGENAME" convention, what should the python3 version of the
package be called? Perhaps something like targetcli-fb-python3? or
"python3-targetcli-fb"? I don't like either.

Is it a package intended to be used only by end-users or does it provide
some library for other programs?

Yes, only by end-users, as it is at the top of it's software stack, i.e.
no other packages "require" this one, but it requires others, all of
which are available in both python2 and python3 now.

This package currently has several parts:

- the python support library, which needs to be either python2 or
python3 (i.e. in /usr/lib/python*/site-lib/...)

- the man pages

- some other docs that go with all free software (like COPYING, README, etc)

- a user-level command (python script) that goes in /usr/bin

- some meta-data runtime directories (like /etc/target)

- A systemd "unit" file

The first 4 items in this list could be handled by a singlespec
approach, but not the meta-data directory tree nor the systemd unit file.

If it is the first: You don't need to singlespec it at all.

Even though this is end-user based I still don't see how i can avoid
singlespec, other than just having two different (conflicting) packages.

2. This package installs some stuff that should be invariant with
respect to python version, such as the directory /etc/target, and the
systemd service unit file /usr/lib/systemd/system/targetcli.service.

You can use three packages, python2-$name python3-$name and $name and
the last has the static files.

That makes sense to me, though it sounds like a bit more work. This is
an existing package.
Lee Duncan

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