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[opensuse-packaging] Converting a package to singlespec: two questions

I am converting a package, targetcli-fb, to singlespec. I have already
converted the packages it relies on.

I have a couple of problems:

1. The package is called "targetcli-fb". Since this does not follow the
"pyton-PACKAGENAME" convention, what should the python3 version of the
package be called? Perhaps something like targetcli-fb-python3? or
"python3-targetcli-fb"? I don't like either.

2. This package installs some stuff that should be invariant with
respect to python version, such as the directory /etc/target, and the
systemd service unit file /usr/lib/systemd/system/targetcli.service.

I know I can use update-alternatives to handle the man pages and
binaries (scripts) in a singlespec package, but I do not think that
approach will work for a data directory nor for a systemd unit file.

Ideally, as I think about it, I do not want users to be able to install
both the python2 and the python3 version of this package at the same
time. Does it make sense to do that with a singlespec package? If so,
how do I specify this in the SPEC file?

I'm tempted to just create a separate package, make it singlespec and
python3 only. But that doesn't seem much better.
Lee Duncan
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