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[opensuse-packaging] New packaging guidelines for PHP7 pacakges
Dear all!

With request I propose to
enhance and simplify the PHP7 packaging process. I have written the following
comment to the request which can be commented there. You can also respond to
that E-Mail. Please let me know what you think about it.

As there are many PHP7 packages to be prepared and several requests are already
waiting we should process quickly. I think we should not simply rename the old
packages as most of them are completely outdated versions and packaged very

This request improves compatibility to Fedora and simplifies packaging a lot.

What is contained in the request? * php7-macros and php5-macros contains new
packaging macros which makes packaging more simple, Have a look at the

I will check that those macros will be included in php5 and php7 packages in the future, but until
that's done the macros can must be included in the spec files. Currently "BuildRequires:
%{php_name}-macros" is required, but this can be moved to the "%if 0%{?suse_version} <
1320" as soon as PHP7 has been updated in factory

Current openSUSE Versions require "BuildRequires:
%{php_name}-pear-Archive_Tar" to be included. I have already submitted a fix to
factory so new versions will no longer need that

I highly vote for removing all those lower-case Provides/Obsoletes; let's
just use the original package's name!

For the future we should create virtual provides using the upstream names:
Provides: php-pear(Auth_SASL) = %{version}

Related to this, the old php-macros project can be deleted. Therefor I have

I have attached an working example in: php7-pear-Auth_SASL

If you have no objections, I'd accept the changes to server:php:applications
and prepare a request for future inclusion of the macros into factory and
update the wiki pages.


Johannes Weberhofer
Weberhofer GmbH, Austria, Vienna
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