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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Re: Python packages naming rules

On 18.8.2017 16:20, Sebastian wrote:
On 08/18/2017 03:34 PM, jan matejek wrote:
Then there is the more specific naming policy for python packages which
says the package must be called "python-$pypiname". It does not mention
any exceptions (at least I haven't found any). In the above example the
pypi's name is "gogs-client" and results in
The issue with your request is the discrepancy in the package's PyPI
identifier. Upstream seems to
think the name should be "gogs_client", but uploaded as "gogs-client",
except the filename is still

Upstream sometimes does that, and PyPI does nothing to stop them.
Such is the world we live in.

As I wrote on the request, "_" and "-" are treated the same by PyPI
ecosystem. "pip install
gogs-client" and "pip install gogs_client" are identical. So IMHO using
"python-gogs-client" as the
package name is equally correct as "python-gogs_client".
If both names are valid (the name in eg. the URL and the name of the
archive), should the other name then be provided?

Yes please. That didn't occur to me but it is a good idea.



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