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[opensuse-packaging] Re: Python packages naming rules

On 18.8.2017 10:07, Sebastian wrote:
First there are the generic naming guidelines which say that the dash
'-' must not be used "as the delimiter for name parts".[2]

ISTM you misread the part of the wiki, it says quite the opposite: you should
use "-" (dash), you
should NOT use other separators (such as "_", "+" and ".")

Then there is the more specific naming policy for python packages which
says the package must be called "python-$pypiname". It does not mention
any exceptions (at least I haven't found any). In the above example the
pypi's name is "gogs-client" and results in

The issue with your request is the discrepancy in the package's PyPI
identifier. Upstream seems to
think the name should be "gogs_client", but uploaded as "gogs-client", except
the filename is still

Upstream sometimes does that, and PyPI does nothing to stop them.
Such is the world we live in.

As I wrote on the request, "_" and "-" are treated the same by PyPI ecosystem.
"pip install
gogs-client" and "pip install gogs_client" are identical. So IMHO using
"python-gogs-client" as the
package name is equally correct as "python-gogs_client".


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